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Take this breath, I`m counting on you

Agony and Irony
Hand in hand
sorta like light and shadow I would say
if you have one
you will always have the other
I think intentions are never seen the way they are meant
at least mine always seem to get twisted and turned
this could be my own fault and or not,  I`m not sure
but it never fails to fuck me
I am going to write a paragraph to certain people without naming them
and I am not going to tell them that I did this
But ill just sit here blindly hoping they read this
I know they are aware of this LJ, but I never told them to look or watch it for updates
You have been a great friend to me in more ways then i ever asked for
alot of dumb shit has happened though
yea ive been hot headed and assumed things
but so have you in the same way
i still dont know what to make of it
we have fought in ways that are fucking retarded and i will never understand why or how
things have been quite dramatic the past few months
i thought it was all behind and we could go back to being friends
but now i guess i did something again cause i dont get a word from you
and yes i am caught off guard and i dont see what happened this time..again
im sure someone just ran their fucking mouth and it wasnt told the way it was happened
or some dumb fucking think like that
i just want to be friends have a good time and laugh
we were hanging out and doing our thing last week
but now i dont exist

you once said to me that i was just bad timing, i say amen to that
you are beauty in ever way shape and or form
i admire you from every angle
i unfortunately seem to bring drama where ever i go, and you are keen to be brought into it
i apologize for this but pray that you know i do not intend on it
i can honestly say i just want to be a huge part of your life, i actually want to be your best friend

Everyone seems to think Im ignoring them or Im mad
im sorry for giving that vibe but i am not doing that
i have actually just been busy and very focused the past week
finally after 9 months Ive actually met someone
been spending like every day with her and talking all the time
i dont want to forget my friends just because i have someone now
my friends have always been there for me through the bad times, i want them there for the good
i apologize

i am excited to see how this plays out
=  )   

I can not fucking wait for warped tour
and to go see anthony
i need to find a second job being broke fucking blows
i cant wait for school to start up again
poison the well is fucking good



( Look at how they lied — Lie to me )
Jul. 20th, 2009 07:48 pm (UTC)
I had so much fun seeing Bruno with your new Mistress shes a cutie.
We need to chill again soon

PS Sarah curry found me on Facebook and Myspace how awesome is that oh yea and watch this

( Look at how they lied — Lie to me )

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