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The Tension and The Terror

What happened?

Did I do something?

Last time I seen you was month and a half ago and the vibe and future outlook were very fucking different

Now I barely hear from you let alone see you

The feeling doesn't seem like you have it

But you wouldn't tell me even if you knew. I`d rather know than not even if it wasn't the answer I was looking for.

I gave it my all and now all I`ve got is this whole in my chest and a head full of doubt.

Love is about the changes you would make for someone else, starting with yourself.
I would change my entire life to be with you.

I`m not mad at all, just upset.

I feel like I did everything I could on my side. So really I`m just going to start holding my head up high.

I didn`t do anything wrong this time.

In the past yes, but I said all I could to tell you how sorry I was and how much regret I`ve carried around these past 5 years over it and you/ my actions.

I told you how afraid I was of wasting more time not having you in my life

You said you completely agreed

So where are you now?

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