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Even now I can

Tonight I seen Senses Fail
Holy fucking bejesus was it a good fucking show
I am so happy and feel so much better and relieved I can`t describe it
they played Martini Kiss
:  )
All I have to see is Alk 3 play cooking wine and Mr.Chainsaw and life will be complete


Screaming songs at the top of my lung with a million other people really does my head some good
Literally screamed til there was no air in my lungs and i thought i was going to pass out
I feel very relived and relaxed now
thank you Nicole, Dave, Bryan and Erin for going I really needed it

A select few may know but for the most part its not
My head is spinning at a very crazy rate and theres alot of drama and bullshit on my plate
I fucking hate and im sick of looking at it let alone eating it
I just want it to all go away
I`d rather not say anything or fight because its so retarded its not worth the energy to speak it aloud
but i have no problem what so ever standing up for myself
Just wash my hands of it all dam
I feel so dirty like as if i need to take a shower every  couple hours because of it
fuck it

I`m craving it pretty bad now
but not like full fledge kinda of
like maybe half way down the way of it
not to be like completely devoted to like this is written in stone
but to be somewhat an item ya know?
looking to have breathe taking away
and yet be something to someone
still very comfortable and relaxed
i want to be infatuated, and do the same in return

I no longer want to go to edison for my AA
I want to go from some like specific degree
I`m thinking something medical
I want alot more out of life
I bought the banksy art book
that dude is a fucking genius
I really want to be artistic now more then ever after reading it
I think im gonna buy a book or something and really try to make or learn to draw myself

I beg
I pray
For anything to hit me in the face


( Look at how they lied — Lie to me )
Mar. 6th, 2009 04:02 pm (UTC)
Lame scene girls are a waste of time.
You should know this by now.

chill soon. we've been able to legally drink together for a while now and I'd like to see that privilege used more fucking often
( Look at how they lied — Lie to me )

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