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Walking out with nothing but a head full of self doubt
I`m tired and sick of fucking feel like an ugly, no good, shitty person
I do not deserve to be treated like this
but its what you do to me
yes this is gonna be another entry of my bitching and crying because I refuse to fucking talk to anyone
theres no point in venting anyway, not like anyone gives two shits about anything i have to say
let alone have something half intelligent to say in response to what is going through my head
I want to see beauty
please come along knock me on my ass and leave my lost and dizzy in storm full of attraction, creativity, freedom, humor and happiness
oh wait my bad thats to much to ask for and no such thing
your all the same.... fucking stupid and weak
if I ever met one that was strong I might have some hope
i fear that I long ago convinced myself that my other half has already left and there isn`t another one out there to fit me
once again going back to that.....
my one demon..... and also most important thing in my head
maybe I`m just stuck in high school state of mind
maybe when I say something really means something to me
I unlike the rest of the god forsaken world
I really mean it
you don`t deserve a fucking thing  but ill give it all to you
because you are my weak spot
I`m am done and dont worrie about it
but sometimes you do sneak up on me
and once again ill find myself stuck in between
shit but that all goes away when you come into play
i cant even describe
your are trouble spell out across the sky for the whole world to let me know before i can fall
in every which way shape and or form i can see you turning my world upside down and causing anarchy
I don`t think I`ve ever been this eager in my life
: )

I am the mouse chasing the wolf
your fucking stupid, grow up and please realize that is not me-------- I`m 4 steps from the door
I pray to go through with  the idea in my head
it will do everyone some good
jesus grow up you fucking hypocrite
I feel like half the music I have on my ipod
it all looks so cool from the album cover
and sounds soo awesome and amazing through my ears
but i have yet to sit down and take it all in to my head and connect with it
because just as i start i download another cool looking/interesting band
and i forget about the one i started with, the one that made me in the first place
i go back every once and a while to move myself forward and me going farther down the road leaving it all behind

I want to paint
and i say it all the fucking time
im going to go buy a book and get more into it
i feel like i could be a very creative and neat person if i would just try
lol that last part
just try
hey to rest of the world,
just try


banksy sleeve? i think so




Jun. 10th, 2009 07:46 pm (UTC)
Don't be upset. That bitch was a waste of time.
And has bad tattoos. People like her arn't worth shit.
Love ya brotha from anotha motha.

Were chillin soon.
Perhaps another roadtrip is in order.

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