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Who Cares What You Have To Say

I feel like everyone is 2 faced around me
your faces are all the same but the vibe isnt
god forbid you find a happyness or someone else
there is
no proof in it but wow its def how everyone acts to me
wtb friends who i dont  doubt

could just be crazy like always
or maybe I`m finally catching on to the game?
I want to be a ghost half my life
and drunk the other half

Maybe I`m over reacting?
or just looking at this all in the wrong way?
it could all just be bad timing
or perhaps I`m just right?
maybe I`m a douche bag and i deserve it?
Justin and I are going to see Anthony this month! the 14-17th and I can`t wait
a breathe of fresh air and old good friends is something I def need
It seems like theres been so much bullshit and drama lately I really want to get away from it all
On the bright side I have been pretty happy lately
I actually feel like I`m being treated very good and I`m having fun with something so diffirent
It`s really cool and exciting I like it alot
I can`t wait to see how far and deep this goes
Warped Tour was so fucking awesome this year!
Anti-Flag was wtf omg holy shit amazing live
I got to meet Senses Fail and the lead singer Buddy,even told him how much I respect him and his music
priceless hands down
Set Your Goals is fucking awesome, finally some new punk
I like to see karma in action
even when its to myself in a negative way, its a good reminder to be a good straight up person
however watching karma hit a dear friend of mine is alot more painful to watch then myself...........
please for the love of god learn a fucking lesson and find yourself once more
Tonight I go to sleep mad, pissed, curious, and wondering
I hope for something new.....
Alot of things
Almost all of it
Almost everything still

"Pickup a Handful of happy, lose a hand in the process"



( Look at how they lied — Lie to me )
Aug. 3rd, 2009 03:17 pm (UTC)
me and mikey miss you.
You and the new girlie need to come over and fucking chill once in a while.
My car took a shit so hanging out isnt looking so good lately. You gotta come to me haha
( Look at how they lied — Lie to me )

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