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The Certain Things I Promised Not To Let You Know

The Many Things I left Unexplained ToYour Lovely Face

28 June 1987
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I will carry you around for the rest of my life
either by my neck, or through my wrists
you will always be a part of my heart
thus never forgotten
rest in peice my dear puzzle piece

Thursday, April 24th, 2003 11:25 pm - just thought i'd say..
when you just want to traveling and on trips spontaneously without using drugs to have fun... and go act really stupid without anyone caring what other people think about them. good old fun.. but you gotta want to go anywhere .. say stealing some golf-carts.. or go to a diner at 5 am .. watch movies..go run around random towns you don't know about.. meet a few different people.. drink coffee..or do anything else thats fun,
BUT the humor has got to be ALWAYS around..

then you are the perfect fucking person for me.

Hollie R. Benzing

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